Are you a young dad but have completely forgotten about yourself in responsibilities? Well Aazer Durrani is an inspiration for you.The way he takes good care of his fitness and looks while supporting and loving his family to the fullest is remarkable.

Marriage is all about growing up together and working as a team to expand your horizons and apparently Aazer and his wife (everyone's favorite Hadiyya of Social inc.) have caught everyone's attention in that regard. Whether that be supporting her wife to lose weight while always considering her the most beautiful woman or always supporting her to achieve her goals, Aazer has done such a great job. He started everything from scratch and gave his kid a really good life yet always remained physically fit and dressed to the nines.

Here are three looks that he created for you.

1- Comfy at home Look :  

Monark's tees are popular for their economical prices and quality. It is best for the laid back weekends. Aazer opted for our black basic tee and paired it with a coral pair of shorts to give it stylish yet comfy look.

2- Back to office look: 

Aazer opted for our off white cotton pants with textured navy casual shirt for his back to office look and pulled it off gracefully.

3- Out for a Dinner look:

We loved how Aazer paired the same pants with our brown textured brown polo shirt for an entirely different look and looked dapper.