Are you 'following the existing trend' sort of a person or a trendsetter? The guy we are featuring today is definitely a trendsetter. He is famous for his unique sense of style.The way he layers up casual wear and pair the right kind of accessories with it, is commendable. As Hamza says," it's all in the details". We got him on board with us to present you with these three casual looks.

1- Urban Chic:

Hamza channels casual chic in Monark's crisp white shirt and Uber comfortable trousers and accessorize it a nice black pair of glasses, Nike and a contemporary hand jewelry piece to give an oomph to the look.

2- Beat the heat :

Hamza features our hot seller striped tee shirt with season's favorite high calf socks.

3- Casual day out:

Hamza chooses our textured navy blue tee-shirt for  an easy breezy summer casual day out look and that man bun is actually giving you summer hairstyle goals.