Everything you need to know about How To Wear Cottons Pants / Chinos!

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What do you think chino pants are and what are they made of?


Chinos are a type of trousers or cotton pants fashioned from chino fabric, which is a thick cotton (or blend) jacquard that originated in China.

They are cotton trousers that aren't crisp or dressy enough to be worn as part of a formal ensemble; It's suitable for both casual and semi-casual occasions. Chino pants are often constructed of a lighter, tighter-woven pure cotton or cotton-blend fabric. It can be found in cotton-synthetic mixtures as well nowadays. Chinos, unlike modern dress pants and jeans, do not have to be skimpy and calf-clinging. A somewhat looser fit allows both you and the pants to breathe freely.

Do you know about the history of chino pants?

Chino fabric was created for military usage before being adopted by civilians. It was made to be simple, sturdy, and comfortable for soldiers to carry; the use of natural earth-tone hues, rather than the vividly colored tunics used previously, also began the shift toward camouflage. During the later half of the 1800s, the British and American military adopted it as a regular uniform. 

The Chinese lightweight cotton twill uniforms were modeled by the previous uniforms detailed above. The name chino is derived from Spanish lingo for "China,” The pants, however, were created with tapered legs and no ruffles or pockets to save fabric. The result was a more sleek fit that has stood the test of time.

What is the difference between chinos and trousers?

Chinos are a type of trouser, but most people use the word trousers to mean legwear that’s more formal than jeans, cords, cargos or chinos. So you’d be right to say you were wearing trousers if you had chinos on, but you’d never call your suit pants chinos.


Let's talk a little about styling chinos!

There are so many ways that you can style chinos because they are very versatile, chinos come in both formal and casual styles. Color is vital, but fit is crucial when it comes to wearing chinos. Our most important piece of advice? Slip-on a pair of chinos to see how they look with your body type and height. Fitted chinos that aren't too tight or too baggy will perform well. They'll also lengthen and streamline your look, and they'll look great paired with a tucked-in casual and compact button-down shirt for easy style.

It's easier to differentiate - a more formal pair will be cut and detailed like a pair of dress pants, and a casual pair will be styled like a pair of jeans. Take a look at touches like the cut of the pockets on the front and backside or whether there are any pleats.

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