Marketers now have access to a variety of social media platforms, and the ones you choose may have a significant impact on your social media marketing performance. Your industry, audience, and brand may all have an impact on the network you utilize. It's simpler to learn about consumer's demands with the help of social media and a brand can make itself more relevant to them by using this information and it is also easier for the customers to rightly utilize these platforms for getting access to the brands. Many people claim that social media aids them in making purchasing decisions. Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is projected to surpass $1 Billion in sales by 2020, according to PTA. But there are still barriers on the road before we can attain that amount, the industry has to find ways to adapt and overcome the barriers that online shoppers are facing.

Sometimes, online shopping means compromising on the quality. Only after the goods have arrived can it be fully evaluated, but by then it is too late because you must pay for it anyway. And if the goods don't meet your expectations, you'll have to navigate a convoluted return process. The ability to see the goods up close is a significant benefit of buying locally. If you're shopping for garments, for example, you may look at the material to see if it's nylon or a wash-and-wear fabric. People dislike purchasing online since they can't see the thing in person and aren't sure how it will appear. Another major hurdle is paying online, this is one of the most serious issues that Pakistani customers confront. Many individuals are cautious to share their bank account information on the internet. Because of security concerns which is a valid concern in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is tough to have your items replaced if they're defective. If you buy a product locally and it turns out to be faulty, you're likely to go to the shopkeeper's store and hold him responsible. Otherwise, you'll be forced to visit one of the service centers. The majority of online items lack explicit warranty terms, which is due to the fact that they are frequently imported from an online ecommerce store. Delivery issues are a major setback of online shopping. You paid for your stuff and were expecting it any day, but it was delivered to someone else. While this is an uncommon occurrence, it is possible if you have paid for goods online. There are plenty of things you can do to screen a website/page or a seller for legitimacy. Always keep records of your delivery status and be aware of your address.


With the proliferation of websites and technological advancements, several forms of online fraud are on the rise. Here are some suggestions to help you determine if a website is legitimate or attempting to defraud you. Examine the firm's social media presence. The majority of reputable businesses have a social media presence and are active on it. Check if the social media icons on their website actually link to a social media channel, and read the company reviews. Check out the website's privacy policies. Most websites are required by data privacy laws and regulations to provide visitors with rules and procedures on how personal data is gathered, utilized, safeguarded, and kept. Most websites have a web page or a link to a document with further information. Look for and read this information before submitting any information or making any online purchases. Do your homework - a simple web search for the company's reviews can provide you with a wealth of information. Check to discover how current the reviews are and if the firm is responding to them. Always check their exchange policy and the size chart before placing the order to avoid any inconvenience.

It is quite simple to place an order over the internet. To guarantee that your orders and bills arrive securely, you must supply your name and email address so that the business can send you an order confirmation email. You must also provide your delivery and billing addresses. After that, select your payment method, delivery, and billing addresses, evaluate and pay for your order, and lastly confirm your transaction. 

COVID-19 has deeply affected lives and livelihoods all across the world in a short amount of time. It has also prompted a reassessment of what customer care means for vulnerable people and the customer service teams that assist them. Examining customer journeys and satisfaction indicators to determine what consumer’s desire has suddenly given way to a pressing need to fulfill what they require. A customer's encounter with a firm, particularly in times of crisis, may have an instant and lasting impact on their feeling of trust and loyalty. At some time, the COVID-19 issue will come to an end but changes in consumer tastes and corporate models are expected to survive the current crisis. In the aftermath of COVID, there has been a 55% rise in customers wanting to permanently switch to online grocery shopping, as well as a three to six percentage point increase in total e-commerce penetration. During the Covid-19 shutdown on our website, we observed an 80% spike in sales, even after the restriction was lifted, our web platform's overall revenues have grown by 75%, and traffic has surged as well.

During these trying times, Monark has taken a number of steps to offer you a better customer experience. Monark has linked WhatsApp and Facebook with their website, and a customer service representative will be at your disposal to assist you with website navigation and order placement. Monark has made shopping easy for you by allowing you to return items and receive a refund, which is extremely difficult to obtain elsewhere. Moreover, Monark presented transparent flyers so customers could know what was included in the package before paying a rider. We have a network of Monark riders who ensure that orders are delivered within 12 hours in Lahore, and we're working on methods to extend this service to other major cities. Instead of getting your orders being dispatched from numerous warehouses, Monark dispatches them from an outlet near you, lowering the shipping costs that most consumers must bear. Customers also get to test the product before they buy it. Monark’s customer care representative is also available at your disposal from 10am in the morning to 12am midnight to cater customer’s needs. In order to make your experience valuable, Monark will offer you a hassle-free experience by collecting exchanges and alterations from your doorsteps and delivering your items as quickly as possible.

In conclusion Covid-19 has forced firms/brands to have a more customer centric approach when creating their strategy to gain market share. It has also shown the potential and the impact e-commerce can have in brand building. Monark is paving its way towards a better future by adapting to changes and becoming an exemplary brand in the industry.