Monark is derived from “Monarchy”, a form of government which was led by a “Monarch”. A Monarch was the man of ultimate courage with great leadership abilities. He had an impeccable sense of style and the dress he wore was always tailored by the best with supreme quality fabrics. His grandeur aura left an impact wherever he’d go. But this raises a question. As the Monarchy ended, did it also extinct the Monarchs in our society

Well, the Answer is ‘NO’. Monarchs have always been there in our society. A modern-day Monarch does the similar things but without a crown on his head. He is elegant, bold and stylish. He is ambitious and passionate too. He is your brother who fulfills his brotherly duties of dropping you to your university, then going to his own or bearing the daily grind at work. He is your husband, who keeps surprising you with random gifts and showers you with love that too in style. A modern day Monark man is a doctor, a struggling entrepreneur and all the ones who have what it takes to be successful and take care of the ones around him. He is graceful, sensitive in a way that he understands the emotions of his loved ones and and very courageous. He dresses to nines and stand out in a crowd always . Let us know in the comments if you can relate and share your story with us to get a chance to be featured!