This cancer survivor turned model is a true inspiration for everyone out there who is battling through circumstances they consider are the end of their lives. Imagine you are going on with your daily life and you have set your specific goals, you have your dreams and aspirations, life is perfect for you and one day in the glory of your health you find out you are a victim of cancer. How unbelievable it would be for you? How shattering it would be for you? Because cancer does not show it's symptoms that is why it is called the silent killer. Shakeeb's life was falling out in front of his own eyes when he found out he got a rare kind of cancer, a kind which is most malignant and fast spreading- Burkett's Lymphoma.

He saw his mother fainting, father crying and his existence was numb. But there was one thing he was sure of, life was not going to remain same for him. Aggressive chemo-therapy made him lose his hair, his skin, his strength and his weight. Such situation must be very self-shattering for anyone, a person could lose his self confidence but Shakeeb was different, every passing day made him stronger and only boosted his confidence, he rose up from the dark pit of cancer just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. He battled and won from cancer and chose to be a fashion model to empower several others like him. The bald head which makes others lose their confidence, Shakeeb made it his unique style.

Monark appreciates and celebrates every such man and gives a title of Monark Man to him. Monark came up with this editorial featuring Shakeeb to show a process of healing, how God has put a healing ability in everyone of us. As the famous saying, "The soul exactly know what it wants, the challenge is to silence the mind".